Adapting Vroom Content

Welcome to the Vroom Content Licensing Toolkit! This free tool has been designed to enable organizations to learn how to adapt and localize Vroom's science-based, brain-building content for your community.

Guidance required, 3 hour free training

Activating Vroom

Since 2015, Vroom has grown to impact nearly 1,500,000 families in 37 US states and 6 countries around the world.

While adaptation and localization of Vroom Content is primarily considered for international activation, some domestic localization for specific formats, delivery channels, or communities may be approved. A selection of successful international Vroom activations are explored below.

World Map
In Brazil
In Brazil, implementers turned Vroom tips into videos and messages that could be shared with vulnerable mothers to promote child development through play.
Jordan and Lebanon
In Jordan and Lebanon, Vroom Tips were adapted to enable Syrian refugees to integrate brain building moments into daily interactions with their children.
In India
In India, Vroom Tips were integrated into trainings for community-based health workers via an existing Early Childhood Development and Disability program, reaching families in rural villages and urban slums.

Broadening Vroom’s reach

Spurred by positive international pilot activations and increased international demand, we intend to share Vroom as broadly as possible. That is why we are looking to empower partners like you to bring Vroom’s reach to new communities in new countries across the globe.

What can this Toolkit provide?

When all the Vroom Content Licensing Toolkit modules are successfully completed there will be an opportunity to apply for a free Vroom Content License.

In order to prepare you to submit a Vroom Content License application, this Toolkit provides the tools you need to localize and co-brand Vroom Tips. By licensing Vroom Content in this way, we hope to empower your organization to reach families and further your impact, specifically as it relates to early childhood development (ECD) outcomes.

What is the Vroom Content License exactly?

The Vroom Content License is a legal document that provides approval to adapt and use the full set of Vroom Content. Without the license, one isn't allowed to adapt or modify the content and is restricted to a smaller subset of Vroom Tips.

A Vroom Content License more specifically provides:

  • Science-backed tips, eliminating the need for organizations to perform their own research and content creation. Ultimately this looks like an excel database of 1000+ tips!
  • Credibility, through our internationally recognized and reputable brand
  • A network of peers and experts to support your implementation and learning
  • Guidance to unlock innovative ways to give caregivers ownership of the brain science and activities
  • Tools, and resources to integrate and develop content that is able to reach families where they are

What is the time commitment for this training?

To maximize your learning and allow you to go at your own pace, Toolkit modules are broken down into digestible segments. You can also leave and come back without losing your place. The total time a user can expect for all modules is approximately 3-4 hours, not including off-line self-assessment, license application, and licensing agreement processing.

We estimate your total journey from now to becoming a content licensed user will be approximately 6 weeks in total. Additional time to adapt Vroom content will be dependent of the types of changes you are interested in making as well as your organization’s capacity/capabilities to do the work.

What are the characteristics of a Vroom Content Licensee?

We are looking for organizations excited about the prospect of using Vroom Tips to enhance their programming and impact. Organizations should ideally fit the following profile:

  • Existing programs that support parents and caregivers, or innovative new initiatives with a strong strategic foundation and available resources to begin work.
  • Semi-mature to mature organizations or organizations with existing capacity to adapt content.
  • Able to commit to the terms of the Vroom Content License, including but not limited to: appropriate attribution of Vroom Content with approved logo placement and noncommercial use.

Due to licensing restrictions, Vroom Content Licensing may not be available in all jurisdictions.

Is this resource right for you?

Because this resource builds on what you've learned in each module along the way, our strong recommendation is that one dedicated user complete the entirety of the modules. This person will be responsible for disseminating learnings across your wider organization, appropriately integrating content into program architecture, as well as the quality adaptation and implementation of Vroom Tips. As the core user from your organization, you will ideally:

  • Lead content adaptation and integration of Vroom into your organization’s operations
  • Have the authority to make contractual decisions for organization, or have access to the appropriate individual to do so
  • Support organization-wide learning and dissemination of tools

Please note this is not a funding opportunity.

We know accessibility and culturally relevant content is the key to driving parent engagement and ultimately impact. As a potential international licensee, we also recognize you hold the in-country expertise, local trust, networks, and infrastructure to make Vroom content come alive.

Is this Vroom Content Licensing Toolkit right for you?

If so, let’s begin! You’ll learn more about Vroom, the opportunities available for localization of Vroom Content, and the process of adaptation.

We know COVID-19 is having a big impact on the lives of families. Vroom is here to help.

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