Adapting Vroom Content

Is This Toolkit Right for Me?

Welcome to the Vroom Licensing Toolkit! This Toolkit will help you prepare to adapt Vroom Content.

Vroom Content

As you now know, Vroom Tips are the core of Vroom and the majority of “Vroom Content.” Vroom Content is all the copy that can be adapted with a Vroom Content License. In contrast, Materials are ways to deliver Vroom Content. Vroom Materials are the existing resources we have developed. Downloadable files of Vroom Materials are available in the Vroom Materials section of our For Professionals page. Programs and organizations can use Vroom Materials in the communities they serve. They can also use Vroom Content to make their own materials.

Anyone can use Vroom Content without changing it. But to change or adapt Vroom Content, you will need a Content License. This Toolkit will help you prepare to apply for a Vroom Content License that will allow you to adapt Vroom Tips, Brain Building Basics, and other Vroom resources to suit the needs of your community and implementation.

There are three types of Vroom Content Licenses.

Basic License

A Basic License can be found in Part 3 of our Vroom Content and Attribution Guidelines and is available to anyone willing to agree to the parameters there. The Basic License allows you use your own design or formatting and add Vroom Tips or other Vroom Content found in our downloadable, print-at-home materials to your own materials. If you are only looking to use Vroom Content by copy and pasting it into your own newsletter, handouts, or even video voiceovers, you do not need to complete this Toolkit. You already have everything you need! Just be sure to fully read the Content and Attribution Guidelines and submit your materials for us to review when required.

Full License

A Full License allows you to access our full database of content to create your own materials. In most cases, using the print-at-home Vroom Tip collections will provide enough content and sorting capacity, but if you need deeper insight into the skills developed, or will be sharing a significant volume of Vroom Content, this might be right for you. It also allows you to make very minor changes that help you adapt to your context. To learn more about this option, visit our Embedding Vroom Content page.

A.L.T. License

Lastly, for those who want to use Vroom Content, but will need to make changes or adaptations to the text we offer an A.L.T. License. A.L.T. stands for Adaptation, Localization, and Translation. This license is reserved exclusively for those needing to translate Vroom Tips into a new language, localize the activity for geographical or cultural context, or adapt it for use in a unique format. A sample version of the A.L.T. License can be found here. You will not be granted an A.L.T. License until you have completed this Toolkit and applied for a license using the form at the end of Module 4. We are sharing this sample document to allow you to get a feel for the terms of use for Vroom Content as assigned by the Bezos Family Foundation and Vroom. The terms of this agreement are nonnegotiable, except where required by law. You might want to make sure you are comfortable with the limitations and allowances provided by that agreement before proceeding further.

Big Idea

This Toolkit is the first step toward an A.L.T. License. You must complete this Toolkit to be considered for an A.L.T. License.

Why Adapt Vroom Content?

Some communities want to adapt Vroom Content to their own contexts or environment. This lets them adapt Vroom tools to make them highly relevant to parents and caregivers in their community. They may want to add specific cultural references or terms. For example, here we see a Vroom Tip that has been translated into Arabic and adapted to be used in a comic strip format.

Why Do I Need This Toolkit?

Adaptation of Vroom Content is delicate. We need to make sure the things that make Vroom so effective, including the science behind the content, stays accurate and doesn’t get lost in any changes. This Toolkit will help you understand which types of adaptation are possible. It will guide you through the adaptation process and prepare you to apply for a license.

How do I want to use Vroom?

Before you continue, please be aware that Vroom Content cannot be used for commercial purposes or sublicensed.