Using cutting-edge science to help parents unlock their brain-building powers

Foundational interactions: Vroom’s three core science principles

Mother and daughter holding their hair in a side ponytail.

1. Positive Adult-Child Relationships

Positive, supportive experiences with parents and other adults are important to children’s brain development. These foundational interactions build brain architecture and help ensure that children will have strong and resilient brains.

Vroom Tips give parents effective, easy ways to promote learning and bond with their child. It’s ideal to brain build from birth, but it’s never too late to start.

A mother holds up a shirt and baby is stretching for it.

2. Back and Forth Interaction

During the earliest years of life, back and forth interactions between a child and caregivers create millions of neural connections in the child’s rapidly growing brain. Keeping the realities of busy parents in mind, we designed the Vroom Brain Building Basics—Look, Follow, Chat, Take Turns, and Stretch—to turn interactions that happen during shared time into brain building moments.

These Basics (and our related Vroom Tips) encourage parents to build their child’s brain by making eye contact, chatting from birth on, stretching out moments with follow-up comments or questions, and more. Vroom makes it easy for parents to create connections that help their children thrive now and in the future.

A father and mother blow raspberries to their daughter.

3. Life Skills that Promote Executive Function

Life skills that promote strong executive functions—skills that might sound complicated to learn and promote—can actually develop naturally through positive childhood experiences. Life skills are critical during children’s earliest years as well as in the future. They include focus, self control, problem-solving, and taking on challenges. Vroom tips help parents build their child’s skills in these important areas.

Meet the experts dedicated to science-based early learning

To develop Vroom, we worked with other leaders in neuroscience, psychology, behavioral economics, parenting and early childhood development. Their work together informs Vroom Tips—and everything else we do.

Expert headshot
Dr. Larry Aber
Willner Family Professor Psychology and Public Policy, and University Professor, New York University
Expert headshot
Dr. Clancy Blair
Professor of Cognitive Psychology, NYU Steinhardt
Expert headshot
Dr. Laurie Brotman
Director, Center for Early Childhood Health & Development, NYU Langone
Expert headshot
Geoff Canada
Founder, Harlem Children’s Zone
Expert headshot
Dr. Adele Diamond
Tier 1 Canada Research Chair, Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, University of British Columbia
Expert headshot
Marian Wright Edelman
President and Founder of the Children’s Defense Fund
Expert headshot
Dr. Anne Fernald
Director, Language Learning Lab, Stanford University
Expert headshot
Ellen Galinsky
President, Families & Work Institute & Founder, Mind in the Making
Expert headshot
Dr. Alison Gopnik
Professor of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley
Expert headshot
Dr. Megan Gunnar
Director, Human Developmental Psychobiology Lab, University of Minnesota
Expert headshot
Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek
Director, Infant and Child Laboratory, Temple University
Expert headshot
Dr. Nat Irvin II
Professor of Management Practice, University of Louisville
Expert headshot
Dr. Pat Kuhl
Co-Director, Institute of Learning & Brain Science, University of Washington
Expert headshot
Dr. Michael H. Levine
Executive Director, Joan Ganz Cooney Center
Expert headshot
Dr. Joan Lombardi
Senior Advisor, Buffet Early Childhood Fund
Expert headshot
Dr. Megan McClelland
Katherine E. Smith Endowed Professor in Child Development, Oregon State University
Expert headshot
Dr. Andy Meltzoff
Co-Director, Institute of Learning & Brain Science, University of Washington
Expert headshot
Dr. Catherine Monk
Professor of Medical Psychology in the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center
Expert headshot
Dr. Jack Shonkoff
Director, Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University
Expert headshot
Dr. Philip Zelazo
Nancy M. and John E. Lindahl Professor at the Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota
“Vroom helps parents feel like brain-building superstars. It’s not just the educational content; it’s also the empowering confidence that gives loving parents a strong foundation for raising bright, happy kids.”
Dr. Benjamin Danielson
Former Senior Medical Director, Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic
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