Fast and Easy Vroom Materials

These printable Vroom materials help to remind you that brain building moments are all around you in the things you already do.

Hand Talk Tip

Use printable Vroom Tips, just like this one, to boost brain-building skills in children. Select tips and materials are available in 16+ languages!

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Vroom Printable Materials


Find simple, direct language that explains how Vroom Tips help parents and caregivers set children up for success.

Vroom Brain Building Basics

The Vroom Brain Building Basics (Look, Chat, Follow, Stretch, and Take Turns) are a distillation of the science behind Vroom. These accessable, action-oriented prompts for parents and caregivers are the foundation of Vroom Tips. The flyer illustrates the five concepts in a friendly way and creates a useful tool for introducing Vroom.

Suggested use

  • Family welcome packets or newsletters
  • Lobby area or storefront windows
  • 1:1 interactions with parents
Vroom Brain Building 101

An update of the Brain Story flyer, the Brain Building 101 flyer shares the same important scientific research behind Vroom in a new and more accessable way. Available here in a bilingual format: one side is English and the other side is Spanish.

Suggested use

  • 1:1 interactions with parents
  • In community spaces
Vroom Content Guidelines

The definitive guide on how to use and share Vroom content and resources in a professional setting.

1. What is Vroom

2. How to Use Vroom Content and Materials

3. Licensing and Copyrights

Suggested use:

  • When sharing Vroom in alignment with your organization’s brand and communications.
  • When aligning Vroom with your organization’s messaging and priorities.
  • When seeking to create your own Materials using Vroom content.

Vroom has more resources, examples and help for implementing the Fast and Easy Vroom content

Find videos, playlists, eNews and more to help anyone learn how to use and implement Vroom materials.

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